We build custom solutions to fit your needs

Smart CCTV Monitoring

Video from CCTV cameras is mostly used to do post-facto analysis. Once a crime has been committed, humans have to go through the video recordings to find out who did what and when.

But with modern technologies like deep learning and artificial intelligence, we can do a lot more. We can prevent the crime from happening in many situations. Solutions can be built to enhance your existing CCTV camera installation to provide much stronger security.

Our professional services can help you get the most out of your existing CCTV installation so that you can keep your investments in the hardware and connectivity.

Smart Parking

Large parking areas often are destinations for trespassing, vandalism, auto theft, unauthorized parking, etc.

Our professional services team can help you design the right solution for your smart parking needs using a variety of compute vision, AI and mobility technologies.

Live Video Streaming

Looking to put live video stream from your resorts, construction sites, or events on your website for your customers?

Our professional services team can get you up and running quickly and within your budget.