Unique challenges

Construction companies face many challenges that our AI can help them solve. These challenges include security against thefts, safety against risky behaviors of workers, and the challenge of effectively engaging their buyers and customers. Believe it or not, AI can not only help you make your construction project safe and secure, but also help you sell and market better to your customers.

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Secure against theft

Theft of construction supplies are a huge problem. Our AI-powered real-time security monitoring can catch thieves in the act and raise alarms with project managers and other guards on duty.

Safe againsts risks

Safety incidents can create huge risks for construction companies. Our AI-powered safety monitoring can automatically alarm when unsafe conditions are spotted as per policy.

Engage your customers

Potential buyers and tenants want to see how the building is being constructed, how far it has been built and how much remains. We have a solution for this so that you can sell faster and engager better.

Unique use cases

Prevent Fuel Theft on construction sites

Fuel theft is becoming a big issue on construction sites. Physical barriers are good but they do not prevent the determined fuel thieves. An AI based solution like CloudVision can help prevent fuel theft with automatic alarm and alert systems.

Market with live video

Embed live video from construction sites into your marketing website for added confidence to your stakeholders and customers using our solution.

Secure site against theft

Secure your construction site against thefts and pilferage with on-site cameras and smart AI-powered monitoring with our solution.

Reduce liability risks

Reduce liability risks and improve safety of your construction site by monitoring inadvertent accidents and unsafe behaviors.

People access monitoring

Monitor and control unauthorized people access on your construction site during different times of the day and at various key location points.

Vehicle access monitoring

Monitor and conrol unauthorized vehicular access on your construction site during different times of the day and at various key points.

Keep records for compliance

Record and archive video data from your construction cameras for future analyses for audits and compliance purposes.