Facial recognition

Facial recognition

Our facial recognition (FR) technology is state of the art capable of recognizing faces from a database of millions within 2 seconds with 98% accuracy.

FR can be used for a wide range of use cases involving safe, secure and smart spaces, smart buildings, smart cities and host of other applications.

API integration with enterprise applications

Our facial recognition technology can be integrated with your enterprise applications through REST APIs. It makes it useful in a variety of industries like banking, financial services, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, retail and construction sites.

Flexible deployment: On-premise or cloud-based

Our facial recognition technology can be deployed on-premise on your own servers and private cloud environment, or you can choose our cloud-based solution to avoid the upfront costs and pay as you go.

Privacy friendly

In most cases, our FR solutions can be deployed in a privacy-preserving manner where we can recognize specific bad actors without recording faces of anyone who is not a known bad actor.

Recognize known bad actors

FR can be used to automatically detect and recognize known bad actors in the CCTV camera streams. Our FR solutions can be deployed at massive scale for smart cities, public carriers and public spaces where allowed by law.

Detect strangers where not expected

FR can be used to automatically detect unknown people or stangers when the situation does not expect them. This can help keep unauthorized people from sneaking into places where their presence would increase threat or liability risks.

Time and attendance

FR can be used to automatically record time and attendance of know employees, workers and staff in private workplaces like offices, factories, ports, warehouses, etc.