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DigiPol is the Global Expo on Police and Defence. The Summit has a unique strategic focus for providing top notch education with practical demonstrations on the most pressing law enforcement topics. The agenda of the conclave is to promote technologies, discuss new innovations, create right ecosystem for the technology absorption and adaptation by the law enforcement and defence agencies.

Come and visit us at DigiPol 2023.

Booth #69 in Hall 2, HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad, India.

Our Philosophy

Humans and AI: Chemistry for transforming the world

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the power to learn new things and new behaviors. You can teach AI to recognize different types of objects from videos and images. The process of teaching, much like teaching a child, requires high degree of skills to ensure that the AI does not learn wrong things. Once AI learns the right things and behaviors, it can be replicated to very large scale without requiring proportionate human effort. This is where the power of AI lies! As an example, AI can help reduce the time to look through 10 hours of video to find all red cars from 10 hours of human effort to 10 hours of machine effort, or even 10 second of wall-clock time with a large number of machines executing AI in parallel.

Machine effort has two advantages - it is cheaper and it is more reliable! Humans may get bored or want a break, machines keep churning the data, on and on.

The real power of AI comes together when humans and AI work together to solve problems and gain insights. Humans can shape the data and supervision needed to ensure AI learns properly. Humans can also act as checks and balance on top of AI. Humans and AI working with the right chemistry can transform the world for the better.

We have decades of experience building powerful AI and the best practices needed to make it learn the right things and behaviors. We bring the power of AI in our products so we can together make the world safer, smarter and more pleasant to live in!

Featured Solutions


POISE is our enterprise-grade facial recogntion software that is highly accurate (92%), super fast (less than 3 seconds) and super scalable (millions of faces).

POISE can be integrated with enterprise applications and Optimus.


Optimus is our enterprise-grade real-time video analytics product for smart buildings and smart cities. Customers can enable AI suitable for their unique needs (like TrafficSense) on Optimus.

Optimus's powerful real-time AI technology can be applied to any commercial CCTV camera - even the ones that are more than 5 years old!


Athena is a cloud-based AI powered digital assets management service that can store, index and perform analytics over petabytes of videos.

Athena indexes all images and videos using AI so that customers can easily find the media they need from the store quickly and easily without wasting hours of manual time.


D3 is cloud-based smart digital signage service that centralizes and orchestrates content across thousands of locations using powerful AI


CamBoss is a hybrid edge-cloud service that audits the availability of CCTV cameras from any vendor (12,000+) at enterprise scale with hundreds of locations


Our drone-based AI solutions and services improve industry-specific outcomes across agricultue, infrastructure, construction, law enforcement, emergency response and much more.

Partnerships & Events

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We have a profitable partner program for resellers and system integrators. You can learn more about our partner program and apply here.

At this time, we are actively looking for channel partners in UAE, Qatar, United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Africa and India.

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We look forward to meeting you at Dubai GITEX 2022 - the world's largest tech conference this year!

1stZoom at Dubai GITEX 2022

We will be presenting at Dubai GITEX - premier conference on technology products in UAE from October 10-14, 2022.

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