Partnering to win customer hearts

We partner with organizations to create a win-win-win (or, triple win) synergy. 

The idea is simple - partnerships work best when everyone involved wins. 

And winning starts with winning the hearts of customers by giving them good value and fair price.

It involves:

Startup partners

Our startup partners are up and coming disrupters working of new products and markets. They are building a business to help customers whose needs are not well-served by existing industry players.

If you are a startup building disruptive product or technoloy that can help customers, you can reach us with your partnership proposal at We usually respond to all valid solicitations and interests within 24 hours.

At this time, we are interested in the following problem areas:

Channel partners

We work with dozens of channel partners around the world. We provide deal registration to authorized partners.

Channel partners bring us leads and help close the deals. We provide complete end to end solution that fits the customer needs. 

Some of our channel partners also provide value-added services. 

Our channel partner program is tiered based on mutual commitment and accountability in ensuring mutual business growth and customer success.

Influencers and affiliates

Influencers and affiliates bring us referrals.  Influencers can be bloggers and journalists. Affiliates can be existing customers, sensor manufacturers, website owners, and store owners. We provide competitive incentives for referrals that convert into a deal within a pre-defined time interval.