Systems and solutions for safer, smarter and more sustainable world

We are a leading provider of digital solutions and services that help make the world safer, smarter and more sustainbale for all of us. Our business focus is to povide great customer experience and satisfaction to our enterprise and government clients and customers. Our solutions range across four domains - data, infrastructure, security and transformation. We cater to customers across a number of industries, directly or through our partners, in North America, India, Japan and Middle-East. We partner with some of the world's leading product and technology companies as well as bleeding-edge startups to bring the ideal solutions and services to our customers that fit them from a budget and organizational perspective.

Our presence in global trade shows

We welcome our prospective clients and partners can visit us at the following conferences and trade shows.

Customer support

Please note: Support contact is only for current customers and their operational staff. Please do not contact support for other enquiries like sales, press, or partnership enquiries. Such unsolicited enquiries on support contact will not be forwarded to the right people.

Most of our solutions have built-in support ticketing system. If you are a customer and can somehow not use that system, you can reach us at support@1stZoom.com with your account information to get help.