Who we are

1stZoom is a leading provider of safe, secure and smart space solutions. We transform traditional buildings into smart buildings.

Our solutions:

  • Use a variety of sensors like CCTV/video cameras, HVAC sensors, and accoustic sensors.

  • Use a variety of connectivity and processing approaches (on-site, enterprise cluster, edge-cloud, cloud)

  • Have been deployed in production at city-wide levels with thousands of sensors.

  • Can be customized for specific scenarios and integrations with various smart city and smart building products and services.

  • Include the last mile and end-to-end transformation for customer selected use cases.

Our expert professional services team can work with your facilities staff or property managers to build business case and PoC (Proof of Concept).

1stZoom Team DNA

Cutting edge transformative solutions

Wired, WiFi, 4G/LTE, 5G

Solutions can be deployed to run under a variety of bandwidth conditions and networks – from regular LAN and WiFi to 4G/LTE and 5G; from stationary locations to moving vehicles and locomotives

Intelligent edge + intelligent cloud

Our solutions allow deployments for both cloud as well as edge based models.

Integration with existing assets

Our solutions are smart enough to work with existing cameras and sensors; instantly adding AI-powered intelligence on them without requiring expensive “rip and replace” upgrade to specialized cameras and sensors.

Scale and availability

Our solutions can be flexibly customized for enterprise and government customer needs of any scale – from dozens to thousands of cameras, from one to thousands of locations.

Regions we serve

North America

We server customers in USA, Canada and Mexico.


Middle-East and India

We serve customers in India, Bangladesh, and Middle-East


Customer support

Please note: Support contact is only for current customers and their operational staff. Please do not contact support for other enquiries like sales, press, or partnership enquiries. Such unsolicited enquiries on support contact will not be forwarded to the right people.

Most of our solutions have built-in support ticketing system. If you are a customer and can somehow not use that system, you can reach us at support@1stZoom.com with your account information to get help.


Our offices are located in USA and India. We have partner presence in UK and Japan.