Safe, Secure and Smart Spaces

Be Safe

AI solutions to help with safety and health in smart buildings and facilities.

Be Secure

State of the art video and AI based security solutions to secure your premises, buildings and facilities.

Be Smart

AI solutions to automate processes and monitoring in smart buildings and facilities.

Featured Products


CamBoss is a solution to audit and monitor the health of your CCTV cameras. It gives you operational visibility into the CCTV and video security installation on your sites. CamBoss features can be customized during implementation to match the audit, monitoring and budget requirements.


CloudVision is a cloud-based VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) solution. It works with over 12,000 CCTV camera make and models. It allows you to centrally monitor cameras from multiple sites into a single dashboard. It comes with great add-on features like recording, motion detection, video archiving. CloudVision allows you to dynamically add powerful AI based capabilities on select camera streams.


Chime is a cloud-based scheduling, time and attendance solution. It can be deployed in factories, work sites, construction sites, schools, daycare, warehouses and whole range of facilities to automate the time and attendance for workers from a centralized dashboard.