Residential Security

Better security. Happier residents. 

Apartment and multi-unit residential complex owners and property managers can greatly enhance security on their premises by using real time AI products like Optimus increasing their property safety, security and leading to happier residents which directly translates to higher occupancy and revenue. In many cases, it also reduces the insurance costs. Learn more about the benefits of CCTV in your apartment complex.

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Executive Homes

Customized ultra-high resolution video security and risk monitoring for executive homes and single family residences help prevent malicious intent, catch intruders, trespassers, and loiterers.

Apartment Complex

Customized video security, safety and risk monitoring for common areas, parking lots, parcel rooms, dumpsters, stairwells, hallways, swimming pools and storage rooms.

Home Owner Association

Customized video security and risk monitoring for large areas managed by HOA (Home Owner Association) like play areas, streets, alleys, dumpsters, storage, entry and exit gates.

All-inclusive & Customizable

Our ultra-high resolution AI systems can help greatly reduce malicious activities and their impact on residents and property values. It can be customized for a property's needs and budgets. Our expert consultants can do a site visit and help prioritize the implementation based on you budget and needs.

The fully integrated solution includes everything needed from a hardware (camera, cables, power adapters, networking, hard disks, accessories, etc), software (monitoring, alerting, notifications, reporting, etc), AI (customizable to your needs) and cloud (hosting, portals, email, etc) costs. Our consultants will implement the solution on a turnkey basis and optimize the configuration to best serve you and your residents.

Under-construction properties

Under-construction properties are prime targets for theft. vandalism, risks and squatting. Our video security and risk monitoring solution are effective active deterrents as well as create the proof of records for further investigations and generating evidence for law enforcement and insurance purposes.