Unicorns and Startups

Enabling startups with our global network

Our startup partner program

We envision a world in which science and technology innovators have the support, training, and access to networks and resources they need to solve the world’s most difficult problems.

Our startup partner program is designed to enable startup founders in their overall go to market using our global network. For startups to be considered for this program, they should already be part of a recognized startup accelerator.

How we enable startups


We help domain experts build design and build better products involving chip-design, hardware, software, machine learning, quantum computing, blockchain, mobility and other technologies.


We help startups market their products to end-users and buyers across North America, UK, Eurozone, Middle-East and Asia with local expertise and strategic support.


We help early-stage startups with other resources like access to a large network of world-class mentors, advisors, talent acquisition experts, accountants, lawers and domain experts.

Investing in your success

We want you to succeed in building a great company. So, we invest in your success by providing access to world-class talent, resources and customers. We offer cash-preserving terms for our services which include equity, warrants, notes, etc. We also make direct investments in some startups with our group of investors and angels.