Increase growth. Reduce risks.

The retail sector has been one of the early adopters of AI solutions, with applications such as improving user experience by providing personalised suggestions, preference-based browsing and image-based product search. Other use cases include customer demand anticipation, improved inventory management, and efficient delivery management.

Brand analytics for growth

Imagine having a cloud-based sales person for each product on store shelves! Engage with shoppers in a 24x7 manner with real-time analytics. Immerse potential shoppers in retail stores with an immersive story-telling in a frictionless manner. 

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Shopper analytics for growth

Understand shopper behavior, movement, flow and dwell points of interest with AI-powered solutions. Easy to start on existing video cameras without requiring a hardware upgrade.

Smart malls

Smart malls can help prevent shrinkage, improve security, understand shopper behavior and create better crowd flow by using artificial intelligence and deep machine learning capabilities applied to CCTV and IP cameras.