1stZoom Delta

AI powered security and safety monitoring for apartment complexes

1stZoom Delta provides AI-powered security and safety for apartment complexes and multi-family

1stZoom DeltaSecurity is an AI based security and safety monitoring solution tailor-made for apartment complexes and rental properties. 

DeltaSecurity helps you raise your rental value by making your residents and tenants feel more secure and safe.

DeltaSecurity saves your thousands of dollars every year compared to ADT.

Our Powerful AI Can Monitor Security, Safety and Apartment Rules

Property managers can mix and match the AI they want. Only pay for what you need.

Furniture Dumping

Junk Dumping

Shopping Carts

Unauthorized Time Use of Rooftops

Intruder Detection

Wrong Parking Detection

Unauthorized Parking Detection

Trespassing Detection

Technology trusted by law enforcement

1stZoom technology has been used by law-enforcement successfully at large scale. Securing your apartment complex can easy and highly valuable for increasing your property's rental prices.

Stand out from other apartment complexes

Our AI allows you to get better value for the property which reflects in your apartment complex standing out from the others, better prices, faster renting.

Save on maintenance and insurance

Our AI saves you money on maintenance costs by watching for unruly behavior. It also might save you on insurance costs of the property.

Turnkey Installation

1stZoom Delta provides a single source for security and smart home system design, installation, monitoring and maintenance. You’ll have more freedom to focus on taking care of your properties and your residents.

True 24x7 Monitoring

1stZoom Delta provides true 24x7 security monitoring powered by AI. Unlike human based monitoring, AI never sleeps, gets tired, needs a bio break, or has a malicious intent. It is always there watching faithfully your cameras for security problems.

Privacy from Strangers

Compared to other traditional security monitoring companies that have a stranger watching what shows in your security cameras, 1stZoom Delta is powered by AI keeping your footage private.