Video Security

CCTV cameras do not prevent crime

CCTV cameras used to be a good crime deterrent. Not any more! Perpetrators have gotten smarter. Learn why CCTV cameras alone cannot secure you, your loved ones and your property!

Tampered cameras

CCTV cameras can be easily tampered before a crime is committed by covering it, spray-painting over it, cutting the cable, or physically destroying it

Missing videos

Often after a crime is committed, the perpetrators will snatch and take away the video recorder. Without the CCTV footage, its impossible to find them

Masked intruders

Masks, jackets, hoodies and other forms of clothing are frequently used by perpetrators to conceal their identity even if the footage is available

How we are changing the game in video security

Real-time AI for situational awareness

Our smart video security applies the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning in real-time video feeds of CCTV cameras. This means that we analyze video as it is produced by the camera without requiring to store it first. By doing this, we are able to eliminate the "after the fact" effects allowing near real-time information on when something is happening, not when it has happened.

Enterprise-grade global scale

Enterprises need advanced video security across all locations, branches, stores and warehouses. Today, video security solutions can only be deployed at specific locations. Centralized command and control requires extensive system integration to bring all networks together. Our global scale technology eliminates these problems. It seamlessly stitches together all locations into a single view.

Stationary and mobile assets

Advanced video security is optimized in such a manner that it can be configured to adapt to different network bandwidth conditions. Stationary assets like buildings, warehouses, parking lots, and storage vaults can be monitored. At the same time, moving assets like trains, marine and cruise-ships can be monitored with stringent bandwidth needs.

Mobile-first design for people on the move

World of video security is no longer just in Command and Control Centers. It has expanded to mobile owners and managers. These people in the field need more than the traditional desktop "show me all the video streams" design. They need insights on mobile as things unfold! Our mobile-first user experience is designed for that!

Deploy anywhere you have cameras. Any camera.

Residential and Office Buildings

Parking and Dealership Lots

Warehouses and Logistics

Marine and Transportation