CCTV Availability Monitoring

How do you know your CCTV is working?

You might have spent a fortune on installing a great CCTV security camera system but there are many reasons it may not be serving the purpose. How do you know that your cameras are up and working 24X7. 

Nonfunctional CCTV system not only results in inefficient ROI on your CCTV system but also compromises your security.

Most facility security and facility managers struggle with the following questions:

Securely monitor any vendor's camera

Our advanced camera monitoring capabilities automatically detects any problems in the security equipment on site. If there are any issues due to a power outage, malicious tampering the system will instantly notify someone on our team that is equipped to fix the problem so your system stays up and running.

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CamBoss automatically monitors your CCTV cameras

CamBoss is enterprise-grade AI-powered CCTV health monitoring system that can monitor thousands of  commercial CCTV cameras from any manufacturer across hundreds of locations. Perfect for smart buildings, enterprise and samrt cities, it automatically detects any equipment defects and gives alerts, ensuring security is always active.

Download CamBoss app from Google Play.

Analytics across thousands of cameras

CamBoss provides a effective and efficient solution for monitoring the availability of thousands of CCTV cameras from different vendors. These cameras can be connected to different DVRs, NVRs and VMS systems. CamBoss is intelligent solution that does not require you to change or retrofit your existing CCTV installation. It just works! ​ 

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Remote monitoring and alerting with CamBoss

CamBoss solution consists of CamBoss devices and CamBoss app. You can monitor all your cameras from a single pane of glass in the app. Number of devices needed depends on the number of cameras and number of sites where these cameras are installed. The app gives you automatic notifications when a camera is detected to be not working.

Insights about your CCTV

Drilldown into CCTV

CCTV analytics

CCTV availability