Enterprise-grade facial recognition

POISE is next-generation FRS

Case study: Facial recognition in open office

In open office settings, facial recognition can improve the well-being of employees and empoyers. 


Get facial recognition results in less than 3 seconds


Facial recognition with 92% high accuracy 


Scale to millions of faces with no issues

Designed for enterprise flexibility

Enterprise Integrations

POISE can be integrated with business and law-enforcement applications and databases to give a unified seamless experience to end users. 

Flexibility to integrate into existing applications and databases makes it extremely useful in a variety of industries like banking, financial services, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, retail and construction sites.

Enterprise deployments

POISE can be deployed on-premise on pre-certified servers, as well as inside virtual machines running in private, sovereign or public cloud environments.

For customers who prefer zero upfront costs and want to pay as they grow, POISE is also available as a hosted and managed service by 1stZoom.

Enterprise budgets

POISE is available in multiple pricing models and customers can choose which one works best for their budget and needs. The following models are available to choose from. Certain conditions may apply for account minimums.

Designed for 5G mobility

POISE is state of the art Facial Recognition System specially designed to handle 5G mobile networks - with stationary and mobile footprints.

POISE is capable of recognizing faces from a database of millions within 3 seconds with 92% accuracy.

POISE can be used for a wide range of use cases involving safe, secure and smart spaces, smart buildings, smart cities and host of other applications.

POISE API can be consumed by other line of business software. Enterprise integrations can be also done by our team of engineers if needed.

Decide your pricing

CapEx Model

Traditional capital expense model with upfront cost and annual maintenance/support cost

OpEx Model

Operating expense model. Pay-as-you-go. Pay-as-you-grow. As a managed services hosted by 1stZoom

All-inclusive Subscription

Hardware, software, and managed services in customer datacenter or preferred cloud

Choose your privacy

POISE can perform at 92% accuracy in the wild. Its enterprise-scale distributed technology can process millions of faces every hour and match them against database of millions. POISE does not depend on the cloud which means it can be implemented behind firewalls, alongside other systems, and entirely in a controlled datacenter. POISE can also be consumed as a managed service - in hosted, public cloud, or in private datacenters. Configurable privacy options on per location basis.

*Additional costs may apply depending on the level of integration needed with other software and systems besides cameras. Partners and resellers can add-value with customized quotes.