Smart Cities

Real-time AI for smart cities

Optimus redefines smart city technology!

It is a complete smart city solution powered by advanced AI. It consists of a suite of products and services that work together to simplify and scale smart city implementations. Optimus can scale from a small smart town with a few hundred cameras to a bustling metropolitan smart city with hundreds of thousands of cameras. With advanced encryption and enterprise-grade security features, Optimus empowers smart city administrators to have complete situational awareness across the entire city from the control room.

Delivering the future of smart cities

Powerful AI

Optimus has built-in support for very advanced AI and ML algorithms allowing deep situational awareness across the entire smart city

Massive Scale

Optimus can scale to hundreds of thousands of cameras, and millions of sensors, because it is designed from scratch to do just that

Ultra Secure

Optimus communications embody advanced security measures and encryption so that the data flows securely in motion, and at rest

Optimus for Events


Stadiums can benefit from Optimus technology for perimeter surveillance, suspect detection, VIP identification, capacity management, mob and violence control awareness, facial recognition based re-entry, people heatmap, live parking awareness, and much more.


Festivals can bring the community together in very dense crowds. A small incidence in such a gathering can flare up quickly and get out of control. Optimus can be deployed in advance cover events. Ask for Optimus Event Pricing that is optimized for few days of use.


Rallies and protests are essential to democratic voice. But there is a small chance they may get violent or destructive. Optimus can help augment the facilities to provide additional tools for administration. Ask for Optimus Event Pricing that is optimized for few days of use.

Optimus Solution Suite

Optimus solution suite consists of the following components:

Optimus Video Analytics (OVA)

OVA is a key component of the Optimus smart city solution. OVA supports over 12,000 camera models. If the cameras were installed over the last 10 years - there is a 99% chance OVA can use it through the Optimus Integration Gateway (OIG). Optimus intelligence allows customers to add and expand the AI capabilities without having to upgrade the installed cameras in most cases. This saves millions of dollars of unnecessary expense.

Optimus Integrated Systems

Pre-configured and pre-tested integrated systems that include hardware and software for differen Optimus installation scenarios

Optimus Standalone

Optimus Standalone Server is an integrated system that forms the base of the Optimus installation

Optimus HA

Optimus HA Server is a high-availability integrated system consisting multiple servers

Optimus Enterprise

Optimus Enterprse is a high-availability scale-out integrated system consisting of server cluster

Optimus Camera Connector

Optimus Camera Connector can be added to base systems for pay-as-you-grow convenience

Optimus POISE Connector

Optimus POISE Connector integrated Optimus with the POISE facial recognition system

Optimus Cloud Backup

Optimus Cloud Connector can be added to base systems to backup and archive data in the cloud

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