Cloud and Edge

Galaxy: Made-to-order Cloud in a Box

In certain environments like defence and law enforcement, it is either impractical or unsafe to connect to the public cloud due to a variety of reasons including security, secrecy, bandwidth, latency and other considerations. We build customized cloud in a box solutions with configurable compute, memory, storage and network requirements.

Galaxy is a bespoke Cloud in a Box and is custom-built and purpose-built for customers. Customers can configure the amount of processing power, GPU, memory, storage, cooling, and network alongside a range of other parameters. These custom-built units range from 3RU to 1024RU systems. Each Cloud in a Box is deployed directly by our staff in the customer environment and all training is also delivered directly by our team. These systems are meant to be mission-critical with redundancies in design.

Dev Test Cloud in a Box

Data Cloud in a Box

Web and Mobile Cloud in a Box

Cloud Services

A range of cloud services are available to our customers in partnership with our affilate CloudSabers

Cloud Services

Cloud has emerged as an enabler of transformation, but there are still significant barriers to cloud expansion and many enterprises are struggling to prove transformation value or to tie IT value to business outcomes. We provide a 360 degree approach to identifying and solving challenges and driving the business forward. 

Cloud Consulting

We combine decades of experience with industry-leading cloud adoption frameworks to streamline your cloud architecture and help you achieve the desired business results with the cloud. Our solution experts work with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and most major telco and MPLS providers.

Cloud Optimization

Most customers start using the cloud in ad-hoc manner. One team uses AWS, another user Azure, and so on. Soon enough the entire cloud infrastructure starts to look complicated and very expensive. We help organizations streamline and optimize their multi cloud resources to reduce costs by up to 50%

Made-to-order Computer Desktops

We offer computer desktops for business and government customers seeking made-to-order desktops. The benefits of made-to-order computer desktops are:

IT Desktops

Desktops for IT professionals

Non-IT Desktops

Desktops for non-IT staff

Developer Desktops

Desktops for software developers