Digital Asset Management

Athena makes digital asset management a breeze

Athena is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that can handle ingestion, storage, sharing and access of large media files (images, videos, and documents). It enables customers a better way to collect digital assets (images, video, creatives, etc) from field teams and manage these large files efficiently across multiple locations and users. 

Use cases


Professional edition is targeted toward media professionals like marketers, photographers, videographers, etc to securely store their digital media and share it with select groups.


Enterprise edition is targeted towards businesses that want to store various digital media securely and be able to share and find suitable media when needed for various purposes.

Public Sector

Public Sector edition is targeted towards government and public sector institutions to ingest, store, share and search digital assets as part of their overall smart governance initiatives.

Access anywhere

Ease of Use

Easy to use cloud-based portal makes it easy for administrators and users to work from anywhere

Digital Asset Management

Upload, share and manage digital assets from your personalized dashboard on any device

User Management

Users across the organizations can be onboarded, managed, shared and access controlled

Optimized for mobility

Mobile experience on smartphone

Personalized mobile experience

Take pictures and videos and upload

View shared pictures and videos

Simply a better way to manage digital assets

Athena enables you to simplify the collection, storage, sharing and archiving of your digital assets. Instead of using emails, google drives and whole host of different technologies - you can now manage the entire process from anywhere and on any device.

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