Smart factory transformation

Manufacturing industry is expected to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of AI based solutions, thus enabling ‘Factory of the Future’ through flexible and adaptable technical systems to automate processes and machinery to respond to unfamiliar or unexpected situations by making smart decisions. Impact areas include engineering (AI for R&D efforts), supply chain management (demand forecasting), production (AI can achieve cost reduction and increase efficiency), maintenance (predictive maintenance and increased asset utilisation), quality assurance (e.g. vision systems with machine learning algorithms to identify defects and deviations in product features), and in-plant logistics and warehousing.

Learn more about how to design security surveillance for a factory.

Market with live video

Embed live video from construction sites into your marketing website for added confidence to your stakeholders and customers using our solution.

Secure site against theft

Secure your construction site against thefts and pilferage with on-site cameras and smart AI-powered monitoring with our solution.

Reduce liability risks

Reduce liability risks and improve safety of your construction site by monitoring inadvertent accidents and unsafe behaviors.

People access monitoring

Monitor and control unauthorized people access on your construction site during different times of the day and at various key location points.

Vehicle access monitoring

Monitor and conrol unauthorized vehicular access on your construction site during different times of the day and at various key points.

Keep records for compliance

Record and archive video data from your construction cameras for future analyses for audits and compliance purposes.