Video Security

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSAAS)

CloudVision is VSaaS

CloudVision is a VSaaS (Video Surveilance as a Service) solution. It eliminates 90% of your upfront costs and 70% of your ongoing operating costs in deploying video camera based security monitoring. 

CloudVision can be customized to a single site, or to an organization with hundreds of sites and thousands of cameras. There are no upfront costs. You pay as you go. You can expand the footprint seamlessly as you grow the number of sites, or number of cameras, or both. 

You and your authorized users can access CloudVision from any device, even phones and tablets, from anywhere. 

Video Security AI

Our video security AI can be attached to any camera, even the ones you already may have installed, to help prevent crime and nuisance.

Enable additional AI packages at scale

Featured AI: CrowdSense

CrowdSense can analyze large crowds to understand when things can be risky, create liability or unsafe conditions.

This picture is from Mumbai Central Railway Station one of the busiest train stations in the world.

Featured AI: TrafficSense

TrafficSense enables AI on traffic cameras to automatically get insights into traffic patterns and behaviors like driving on the wrong side in a one-way street, driving a vehicle into a pedestrian sidepath or curb.

Scale globally across the enterprise branches

CloudVision is very powerful solution that works with existing CCTV installations. It works with both IP and non-IP cameras. 

It is designed from scratch in a hybrid edge-to-cloud architecture enabling it to scale from a single location to hundreds of locations around the world covering security video feeds from thousands of CCTV cameras coming from different vendors, different makes and models across a global enterprise or government footprint. 

Hybrid architecture - edge to cloud

Enterprise-grade customizations

Integration with DVRs and NVRs

CloudVision can be customized to integrate with analog and digital video recorders (DVRs), network video recorders (NVRs). 

Integration with Alert and Messaging

Alerts and notifications can also be configured to be delivered over different channels including:

Mobile first design

By using a smart solution design, CloudVision keeps your bandwidth costs low by processing more information on the edge devices. 

You and your authorized users can access CloudVision from any device, even phones and tablets, from anywhere. 

We also have smartphone apps that you can use to get reports and alerts from different sites and different camera models.