Bus Security & Analytics

Optimus Bus

Optimus Bus is a  a comprehensive CCTV and video security surveillance system for buses. It can be customized to customer needs in terms of hardware, storage capacity, additional AI-powered analytics and required enterprise integrations as needed.

Onboard Hardware

Optimus Bus solution includes cameras, recording systems (DVRs, NVRs), GPS, cables, power modules and other hardware needed

Back-office Software

Optimus Bus solution includes, as standard, the back-office software needed for storing, playing back, filtering and searching the videos

Artificial Intelligence

Optimus Bus solution can be enhanced with AI-powered video analytics engine that uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze videos

Live streaming of videos from the bus

Live streaming can be enabled for central control rooms to be able to live view or record the camera videos from the bus. Live streaming packages and installation components vary according to the specific needs of the customer and the environmental factors like connectivity, bandwidth, data rates, etc.

Our professional experts can help configure the right system for your specific needs.

Installation, support and training

Our professional experts or certified professionals perform

No surprise pricing

When you get a quote from us, you get the peace of mind that the project will not blow up in costs in the future.